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As far as my memories go back, I’ve always been creative.  My mother and father were competitive ballroom dancers.  My father also a painter along with my brother and aunt.  So you can say it runs in the family.  For a long time I thought that there were rules to creativity and I felt that I needed to follow those rules, but in 2018 I moved to Harlem and was exposed to a great deal of adventurous expression from the fashion culture.  That exposure motivated me to unleash my pent up creative side and in 2019 I started creating my own fedoras.


While the pandemic caused many to fold up shop, it allowed me to open up my own.  I decided to leave my 600 sq ft Harlem apartment and head to another fashionably expressive area of the country…Atlanta, GA.  It took less time that I had anticipated for word to get out (don’t get me wrong, it did not happen overnight) but the people in Atlanta can recognize quality and creativity with the best of them, and with so many of us being connected at the push of a button Fedora Designs is providing quality custom fedoras to clients throughout the country.


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